AALC Amphibious Assault Landing Craft

AB Crane Ship (Auxiliary, Boom)

ABSD Advanced Base Sectional Dock

AC Collier (Auxiliary, Coal)

ACR Armored Cruiser

ACS Auxiliary Crane Ship

AD Destroyer Tender (Auxiliary, Destroyer)

ADG De-gaussing ship (Auxiliary, DeGaussing)

ADS Air Defence Ship

AE Ammunition ship (Auxiliary, Explosives)

AF Stores Ship (Auxiliary, Freight)

AFDB Floating Drydock, Large (Auxiliary, Floating Drydock, Big)

AFDL Floating Drydock, Small (Auxiliary, Floating Drydock, Light)

AFDM Floating Drydock, Medium (Auxiliary, Floating Drydock, medium)

AFS Combat Stores Ship (Auxiliary, Freight, Stores)

AG General Auxiliary (Auxiliary, General)

AGB Icebreaker (Auxiliary, General, Icebreaker)

AGC Command Ship (Auxiliary, General, Command)

AGDE Destroyer Escort Research ship (Auxiliary, General, Destroyer Escort)

AGEH Hydrofoil Research Ship (Auxiliary, General, Experimental, Hydrofoil)

AGER Environmental Research Ship (Auxiliary, General, Environmental Research)

AGF Amphibious Force Command Ship (Auxiliary, General, Force command)

AGI Intellligence Collector ship (Auxiliary, General, Intelligence)

AGM Missile Range Instrumentation ship (Auxiliary, General, Missile)

AGOS Ocean Surveillance ship (Auxiliary, General, Ocean Surveillance)

AGP Motor Torpedo Boat Tender

AGR Radar Picket Ship (Auxiliary, General, Radar)

AGRM Major Communications Relay Ship (Auxiliary, General, Relay, Major communications)

AGS Survey Ship (Auxiliary, General, Survey)

AGTR Technical Re Ship (Auxiliary, General, Technical Re)

AH Hospital Ship (Auxiliary, Hospital)

AHTS Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessel

AK Cargo Ship (Auxiliary, Kargo)

AKA Attack Cargo Ship (Auxiiliary, Kargo, Attack)

AKD Dock Cargo Ship (Auxiliary, Kargo, Dock)

AKL Light Cargo Ship (Auxiliary, Kargo, Light)

AKR Roll-on/Roll-off Cargo Ship (Auxiliary, Kargo, Roll-on)

AKV Aircraft Ferry (Auxiliary, Kargo, heaVier-than-air aircraft)

AM Minelayer (Auxiliary, Minelayer)

AMC Coastal Minesweeper (Auxiliary, Minesweeper, Coastal)

AMC Armed Merchant Cruiser ‘Armed Merchant Cruiser’

AMS Minesweeper (Auxiliary, MineSweeper)

AN Netlayer (Auxiliary, Netlayer)

ANL Netlayer ship (Auxiliary, NetLayer)

AO Fleet Oiler (Auxiliary, Oiler)

AOE Fast Combat Support Ship (Auxiliary, Oiler, Explosives)

AOG Gasolene Oiler (Auxiliary, Oiler, Gasolene)

AOR Replenishment Oiler (Auxiliary, Oiler, Replenishment)

AP Transport (Auxiliary, Personnel)

APA Attack Transport (Auxiliary, Personnel, Attack)

APB Barracks ship (Auxiliary, Personnel, Barracks)

APC Coastal Transport (Auxiliary, Personnel, Coastal)

APD Auxiliary, Personnel, Destroyer (fast transport)

APH Hospital Transport (Auxiliary, Personnel, Hospital)

APS Afloat Pre-positioning Ship

AR Repair ship (Auxiliary, Repair)

ARB Battle Damage Repair ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Battle damage)

ARC Cable Repair Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Cable)

ARD Auxiliary, Repair, Dry dock

ARG Internal Combustion Engine Repair Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Gasoline engine)

ARL Landing Craft Repair Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Landing)

ARS Salvage Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Salvage)

ARSD Salvage Lifting Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Salvage, Dock)

ARST Salvage Craft Tender (Auxiliary, Repair, Salvage, Tender)

ARV Aircraft Repair Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, heaVier-than-air aircraft)

ARVA Aircraft Repair Ship, Airframe (Auxiliary, Repair, heaVier-than-air aircraft, Airframe)

ARVE Aircraft Repair Ship, Engine (Auxiliary, Repair, heaVier-than-air aircraft, Engine)

ARVH Aircraft Repair Ship, Helicopter (Auxiliary, Repair, heaVier-than-air aircraft, Helicopter)

AS Submarine Tender (Auxiliary, Submarine)

ASPB Assault Support Patrol Boat

ASR Submarine Rescue Ship (Auxiliary, Submarine, Rescue)

AT Tug (Auxiliary, Tug)

ATA Auxiliary Ocean Tug (Auxiliary, Tug, Auxiliary)

ATB Automated Torpedo Boat

ATC Armored Troop Carrier

ATF Fleet Tug (Auxiliary, Tug, Fleet)

ATO Ocean Tug (Auxiliary, Tug, Ocean)

ATS Salvage Tug (Auxiliary, Tug, Salvage)

AV Seaplane Tender (Auxiliary, heaVier-than-air)

AVD Destroyer Seaplane Tender (Auxiliary, heaVier-than-air, Destroyer)

AVP Small Seaplane Tender (Auxiliary, heaVier-than-air, Personnel)

AVT Training Aircraft Carrier (Auxiliary, heaVier-than-air, Training)

AW Water Distilling ship (Auxiliary, Water)

AZ Airship Tender (Auxiliary, Zeppelin)


BB Battleship

BB-60 USS Alabama

BBG Guided Missile Battleship

BBQE Battleship, Queen Elizabeth class

BGS Big Gray Ship

BM Monitor (Battleship type, Monitor sub-type)

BU Broken Up (scrapped)


C Canoe

CA Heavy Cruiser (Cruiser, Armored)

CAG Guided-missile Heavy Cruiser

CB Battle Cruiser (Cruiser, Battle)

CC BattleCruiser (1920)

CC Command Cruiser (1960)

CCB Command and Control Boat

CF Flotilla Cruiser (Cruiser, destroyer Flotilla)

CFA Charles F. Adams (DDG-2 class guided missile destroyers)

CGN Guided-missile Cruiser, Nuclear powered

CH Helicopter-carrying Cruiser

CHI Coastal, Harbor, and Inland Waterway Boat

CL Light Cruiser

CLG Guided-missile Light Cruiser

CM Cruiser Minelayer

CMB Coastal Motor Boat

CS Scout Cruiser

CT Training Cruiser

CTR Cutter

CTS Cadet Training Ship

CV Aircraft Carrier (Carrier, heaVier-than-air aircraft)

CVA Attack Aircraft Carrier (Cruiser, heaVier-than-air aircraft, Attack)

CVAN Nuclear-powered Attack Aircraft Carrier (Carrier Vessel, Attack, Nuclear)

CVB Large Aircraft Carrier (Cruiser, heaVier-than-air, Big)

CVE Combustible, Vulnerable, and Expendable

CVE Escort Carrier (Cruiser, heaVier-than-air aircraft, Escort)

CVL Light Aircraft Carrier

CVN Nuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier (Carrier Vessel, Nuclear)

CVS Anti-Submarine Aircraft Carrier (Cruiser, heaVier-than-air, anti-Submarine)

CVX Next Generation Aircraft Carrier

CZ Lighter-than-air Aircraft Carrier (Cruiser, Zeppelin)


D Destroyer

DDE Escort Destroyer

DDG Guided-Missile Destroyer

DDH Helicopter-carrying Destroyer (Destroyer, Destroyer, Helicopter)

DDK Hunter-Killer Destroyer

DDR Radar Picket Destroyer

DDX Destroyer, neXt generation

DE Destroyer Escort

DEG Destroyer Escort, Guided-missile

DER Destroyer Escort, Radar Picket

DFL Destroyer Flotilla Leader

DL Destroyer Leader

DLG Destroyer Leader, Guided missile

DM Destroyer Minelayer

DMS Destroyer Minesweeper


ERRV Emergency Rescue and Recovery Vessel


FCB Ferro-Concrete Barge

FDS Field Development Ship

FF Frigate (Frigate, Frigate)

FFG Guided-Missile Frigate (Frigate, Frigate, Guided-missile)

FFH Fast Frigate Helicopter

FRB Fast Rescue Boat

FSS Fast Sealift Ship


G Galleon

GAL Galleon

GOD Gallery Of Death


HIN Hull Identification Number HQS HeadQuarters Ship


IBS Inflatable Boat, Small

IBS Itty Bitty Ship (SEAL team)

ICST International Classification of Ships by Type

IFS Inshore Fire Support ship

INHS Indian Naval Hospital Ship

IX Unclassified Miscellaneous (class IX, or 9)

IXC Type IX-C U-Boat


KDX Korean Destroyer Experimental

KDX-II Korean Destroyer Experimental, version II


LAC Light Attack Craft

LASH Lighter Aboard SHip

LCA Landing Craft Assault

LCAC Landing Craft Air Cushion

LCC Landing Craft Command

LCF Landing Craft, Fire support

LCG Landing Craft Gunboat

LCH Landing Craft Hospital

LCI Landing Craft Infantry

LCI(G) Landing Craft Infantry (Gunboat)

LCL Landing Craft Logistics

LCL Landing Craft Large

LCM Landing Craft, Mechanized

LCP Landing Craft Personnel

LCP(R) Landing Craft Personnel, Ramp

LCR Landing Craft Ramp

LCS Landing Craft Support

LCS Landing Craft Small

LCT Landing Craft Tank

LCT(R) Landing Craft Tank (Rocket)

LCU Landing Craft Utility

LCV Landing Craft Vehicle

LCVP Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel

LFR Landing, Fire support, Rocket

LFS Landing Fire Support

LHA Landing Helicopter Assault

LHD Landing Helicopter Dock

LKA Landing Cargo Assault

LKR Landing Cargo Ramp

LPA Landing Personnel, Assault

LPD Landing Platform Dock

LPH Landing Platform Helicopter

LPR Landing Personnel Ramp

LPSS Transport Submarine (Landing, Personnel, Submarine, Submarine)

LSA Landing Ship Assault

LSD Landing Ship Dock

LSG Landing Ship, Gun

LSG Landing Ship, Gantry

LSH Landing Ship Hospital

LSI Landing Ship Infantry

LSL Landing Ship Logistics

LSL Landing Ship, Large

LSM Landing Ship Medium

LSR Landing Ship, Rocket

LSS Landing Ship Support

LST Landing Ship Tank

LST Large Slow Target

LSU Landing Ship Utility

LSV Landing Ship Vehicle

LV Landing Vehicle

LVA Landing Vehicle Assault

LVT Landing Vehicle Tracked

LVW Landing Vehicle, Wheeled

LWT Warping Tug (Landing, Warping, Tug)


M/S Motor Ship

MCM Mine Counter-Measures ship (Minesweeper)

MCMV Mine Counter-Measures Vessel

MCS Mine Countermeasures Ship

MFV Motor Fishing Vessel

MHA MineHunter, Auxiliary

MM Minelayer (Minecraft, Minelayer)

MMC Coastal Minelayer (Minecraft, Minelayer, Coastal)

MMD Destroyer Minelayer (Minecraft, Minelayer, Destroyer)

MMF Fleet Minelayer (Minecraft, Minelayer, Fleet)

MOW Man-O-War

MS MineSweeper

MSA MineSweeper, Auxiliary

MSB MineSweeping Boat

MSC MineSweeper, Coastal

MSCO MineSweeper, Coastal, Old

MSD MineSweeping Drone

MSF Fleet Minesweeper (MineSweeper, Fleet)

MSI MineSweeper, In-shore

MSL MineSweeping Launch

MSM MineSweeper, LCM conversion

MSO Ocean Minesweeper (MineSweeper, Ocean)

MSR River Minesweeper (MineSweeper, River)

MSS Special Minesweeper (MineSweeper, Special)

MSSB Mine-Sweeping Shrimp Boat

MTB Motor Torpedo Boat


N/S Nuclear Ship NMS

New Medical Ship NSSN

New Nuclear-powered Attack Submarine


OBB Old Battleship

OC Outrigger Canoe

OM Open Motorboat

OSV Offshore Supply Vessel


PACV Patrol, Air Cushion Vehicle PB Patrol Boat PBR River Patrol Boat (Patrol Boat, River) PC Patrol Craft PCE PPACV Patrol, Air Cushion Vehicle

PB Patrol Boat

PBR River Patrol Boat (Patrol Boat, River)

PC Patrol Craft

PCE Patrol Craft, Escort

PCER Patrol Craft Escort, Rescue

PCF Patrol Craft Fast

PCG Patrol Craft, Guided Missile

PCH Patrol Craft, Hydrofoil

PCM Patrol Craft, Missile

PCS Patrol Craft, anti-Submarine

PF Patrol Frigate

PGG Guided-missile Gunboat (Patrol, Gunboat, Guided-missile)

PGH Patrol Gunboat, Hydrofoil

PHM Patrol Hydrofoil Missile

PR River Gunboat (Patrol, River)

PSV Platform Supply Vessel

PT Torpedo Boat (Patrol, Torpedo)

PTF Fast Torpedo Boat (Patrol, Torpedo, Fast)

PTGB Torpedo GunBoat (Patrol, Torpedo, GunBoat)


RHIB Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat

RIBL Rigid Inflatable Boat, Light

RIBM Rigid Inflatable Boat, Medium

RIBS Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boat, Small

RMS Royal Mail Steamship

RPL Ramped Powered Lighter


S Schnellboot

S/M SubMarine

SB Small Boat

SC Submarine Chaser

SD Submarine Dutch

SES Surface Effect Ship

SFS Surface-Effect Fast Sealift Ship

SGB Steam GunBoat

SOB Single Outboard Boat

SOTL Ship Of The Line

SP Shore Patrol vessel

SS team Ship

SS Fleet Submarine (Submarine type, Submarine sub-type)

SSB Ballistic Missile Submarine, Conventional Powered

SSBN Ballistic Missile Nuclear Submarine (Submarine, Submarine, Ballistic, Nuclear)

SSG Guided Missile Submarine, Conventional Powered

SSGN Guided Missile Submarine, Nuclear Powered

SSK Hunter- Killer Submarine

SSN Submarine Submarine Nuclear ( Nuclear powered attack Submarine)

SSP Submarine Submarine Personnel ( Submarine Transport) SSS Strategic Sealift Ship

SST Training Submarine

SSV Aircraft Carrying Submarine (Submarine Submarine, heaVier than air aircraft)

SSX Next Generation Submarine

SV Sailing Vessel

SWATH Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull


T-ACS Auxiliary Crane Ship, Military Sealift Command manned

TB Torpedo Boat

TCD Transport de Chaland de Debarquement

TS Training Ship

TVB Torpedo Volg Boot (Torpedo following boat)


ULCC Ultra Large Crude Carrier

USAT United States Army Transport

USCGD United States Coast Guard Destroyer

USLT United States Lighthouse Tender

USNT United States Naval Transport

USS United States Ship


VLCC Very Large Crude Carrier

VPB Vietidse Patrol Boat


WAGC Coast Guard Amphibious Command Ship

WDE United States Coast Guard Destroyer Escort

WIX Coast Guard, Unclassified Miscellaneous ship type

WLB Seagoing Buoy Tender

WLB-401 Sassafras class Coast Guard Cutter Buoy Tender

WLBB Lake IceBreaker, Coast Guard (Coast Guard, Large Buoy Breaker)

WLBR Seagoing Buoy Tender Replacement Vessel

WLI Inland Buoy Tender

WLIC Inland Construction Buoy Tender

WLM Coastal Buoy Tender

WLMR Coastal Buoy Tender Replacement Vessel

WLR River Buoy Tender

WPG Coast Guard Patrol Gunboat

WSES Coast Guard Surface Effect Ship


YB Boom vessel (Yardcraft, Boom)

YC Open Car Lighter (Yardcraft, Car lighter)

YCF Car Float (Yardcraft, Car Float)

YCU Yard Craft, Utility

YD Floating Crane (Yardcraft, Derrick)

YDG Garbage Scow (Yardcraft, Disposal, Garbage)

YDT Diving Tender (Yardcraft, Diving Tender)

YF Yardcraft, Ferryboat (Self-Propelled)

YFD Yardcraft, Floating Drydock

YFN Yardcraft, Covered Lighter (Non-Self Propelled)

YFNX Yardcraft, Lighter (Special-Purpose)

YFR Yardcraft, Refrigerated Covered Lighter ( Self-Propelled)

YFRN Yardcraft, Refrigerated Covered Lighter ( Non-Self-Propelled)

YG Yardcraft, Garbage Lighter (Self-Propelled)

YGB Yard Icebreaker (Yardcraft, General, ice Breaker)

YGN Yard Craft, Garbage Lighter (Non-Self Propelled)

YN Yardcraft, Netlayer

YNG Yardcraft, Net, Gate vessel

YNS Yllennocian Naval Ship

YO Yard Oiler

YP Yard Patrol boat

YR Yard Repair

YSP Yard Salvage Pontoon

YT Yard Tug

YTB Yard Tug, Big

YTL Yard Tug, Small

YTM Yard Tug, Medium

YTT Yardcraft, Torpedo Testing barge

YW Yardcraft, Water barge